Recent Modifications To The H1B Visa Architecture By The Donald Trump Administration

In the past year the US H-1B Visa system has been drastically altered to accommodate a tighter grip on the detrimental loopholes that burrow deep within it. Measures such as employing dedicated e-mail assistance to report fraud and abuse of the system and USCIS oversight of possibly fraudulent and potentially harmful websites are good examples of the stalwart approach the US Citizenship and Immigration Services are taking towards the wide range of maladies that plague the system. These changes have slowly been forged into being as part of the Trump administration’s attempt to reform the immigration policies of the United States, further painting a more dire situation for those seeking honest work in the country.

Another example of these changes is the adoption of a new policy towards duplicate petitions for US visa application where the beneficiary cannot receive US H-1B Visa applications from multiple employers. Such actions will simply be met with the revoking of both petitions under US law due to the similar or identical nature of the documents. These structural changes in turn will raise issues with those seeking employer immigration from multiple sources.

The upside of this recent quarrel within the US Senate and House hopes to reduce competition between citizens and certain aliens when it comes to employment and job opportunities preventing those that work within the country under a temporary Visa. Immigration law firms have had to speed up the pace concerning these frequent changes to protect legal immigrant rights due to the newly arisen hardiness of the system blurring the line between legal and illegal.

Under these fresh circumstances and difficulties in bypassing the system a fiance Visa has become a more tempting offer for those seeking work in the US, it should be expected to see a rise in such applications under the umbrella of immigration to the USA.

In essence the new bills being rolled out by the senate and house should trickle a decline of US H-1B Visa applications as the difficulty bar raises and the fraudulent applications are snuffed out.