How Do I Get My Parents a Visa?

U.S. citizens with foreign-born parents may wish to help them obtain a visa. Thankfully, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) allows citizens to bring immigrant parents to live with them in the United States permanently. The most common way to obtain a visa for parents is through the IR-5 Parent Visa. The IR-5 visa allows foreign-born parents of U.S. citizens to live in the United States permanently.

Do My Parents Need a Visa?

If your parents are citizens of one of 38 designated countries, they may be able to visit the U.S. through a Visa Waiver Program. Under this program, your parents can come to the U.S. without a visa for a stay of 90 days or less. If your parents are from a country that is not on the list or wants to stay longer than three months, they will need to obtain a visitor visa.

Temporary Visit Visas

If your parents would like to come to the United States for a temporary visit, they will need to obtain a visitor visa (visa category B-1/B-2). Visitor visas are non-immigrant visas for those who want to enter the United States temporarily for business, pleasure, or visiting (visa category B-2) or a combination of both (B-1/B-2). With a B-2 Tourism and Visit Visa, your parents can tour and visit with friends or relatives. Your parents will not be able to participate in certain activities such as employment, professional performance, or studying.

Requirements for an IR-5 Visa

You will need to meet the requirements of an IR-5 visa to apply. The parents must be the biological or adoptive parents of a child who is a United States citizen and over the age of 21. You will also need to prove that your parents can financially support themselves and their dependents.

Applying for an IR-5 Parent Visa

The first step in applying for an IR-5 parent visa is to file Form I-130, which is a Petition for Alien Relative. As a citizen child, you will need to file this form on behalf of your parent or parents. After the USCIS approves the form, your parent must complete Form DS-260, an Immigrant Visa Application. Once the form is completed, parents must schedule their interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate. During the interview, the consular officer conducting the interview will determine if the parent is eligible for an IR-5 visa. If so, they will issue the visa, and the parent can travel to the United States.

Parents can apply for a green card by filing Form I-485 once they are in the United States. There are limits on how many IR-5 visas are issued every year. If you’d like your parents to immigrate to the United States with you, it is important to file Form I-130 and Form DS-260 as quickly as possible to increase the chances of being approved for a visa.

Need Assistance Obtaining Visas for Your Parents?

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