What is the L-1 Visa Program?

An L1 Visa is one of several options for foreign workers who want to live and work in the United States. Workers can transfer from a foreign company to a related us company through an L1 visa. The applicant must be an executive, manager, or specialized knowledge worker. If you are interested in an L1 visa, it's crucial that you understand the eligibility requirements and the process for obtaining one.

Eligibility Requirements for an L1 Visa

The first step in obtaining an L1 Visa is to ensure you meet the requirements. First, there needs to be a qualifying relationship between the foreign company you worked for and the company you would like to transfer to in the United States. Specifically, the companies can be parent and subsidiary companies, branch offices, or affiliates.

You must have worked continuously for the foreign company for at least one year within the three years before you file for an L1 Visa. The work must have been full-time. Additionally, you must have been a manager, executor, or person with specialized knowledge. Finally, your employment with the affiliated company in the US must also be as a manager, executor, or person with specialized knowledge.

Do I Need an Attorney to Obtain an L-1 Visa?

Applicants are not required to work with immigration attorneys, but having one can make the process much easier. It could also save you time, money, and stress. Your legal adviser should conduct a thorough intake process, discuss the facts around your case, and help you prepare your application. 

Your attorney can ensure that it is accurate and thorough and includes all the necessary paperwork and details. An attorney can also advise you whether an L1 visa is your best option or another option, such as an H1B visa. Before you waste time pursuing a Visa that may not be right for you, we recommend speaking to an attorney.

Submitting Your Application for an L-1 Visa

Next, you can gather the documents you need to submit your application. Your attorney can provide the detailed list of documents you must compile to prove you have met each eligibility requirement.

For example, you must include articles of incorporation, stock certificates, business tax returns, promotional materials, organizational charts, and other detailed statements from the foreign company and the US company.

You'll also need to include your documents like your resume, passport copy, a detailed statement explaining your job duties with the foreign and US companies, and pay stubs demonstrating the date range of employment with the foreign company. Once you have gathered all the relevant documentation, your attorney can begin working on your application.

Discuss Your Case with a Skilled Immigration Attorney

As you can see, obtaining an L1 Visa takes preparation and dedication. There are many requirements and a significant amount of paperwork you will need to submit. If you are interested in pursuing or renewing an L1 visa, contact the skilled immigration attorneys at Ray Law International to schedule a free case evaluation.