Understanding the Significance of Foreign Nationals in the U.S. Workforce

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Many industries need more qualified employees. It seems that almost every business is looking for their next best worker. Businesses in the United States benefit from hiring foreign nationals. Looking for workers outside the United States help companies find highly skilled employees in an international market.

Also called foreign workers, foreign nationals are independent contractors or employees who work in the U.S. but aren’t citizens of the United States. Even individuals who are considered lawful permanent residents with green cards still fall under the category of foreign nationals until they become naturalized citizens.

How Do Foreign Nationals Benefit Companies?

In many cases, hiring a foreign worker could save your company money. Many foreign workers are more committed to a particular employer. Additionally, changing employers may also be limited by visa status or the related cost. More dedicated employees and reduced turnover will save the employer time and money.

Hiring foreign employees can also help you by giving you access to skilled labor. You may need help finding an employee with the necessary skill set in your area of the country. By hiring foreign nationals and expanding your recruitment strategy, your company would have access to a talent pool you previously hadn’t considered in your search for the perfect employee.

Hiring a foreign worker can also help diversify your company. The worker will bring fresh perspectives and ideas to your company. Different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences foster a more creative and innovative environment. When workers with diverse viewpoints come together, they can generate more ideas and solutions to problems.

What Type of Work Do Foreign Nationals Do?

Foreign nationals work in a wide range of industries. A significant percentage work in professional and managerial occupations. Others work in administrative support, sales, and technical occupations. Others work in retail, agricultural, and customer service industries.

The U.S. immigration currently has many visa options depending on the type of work the foreign national will do. There are visas for all kinds of employment positions from temporary workers to highly-skilled, one-of-a-kind professionals.

Are Foreign Nationals Good for Small and Large Businesses?

Hiring foreign nationals can benefit small and large businesses. Research demonstrates that immigrants help businesses grow regardless of the business's size. Expanding your hiring pool and increasing the number of qualified applicants benefits any business.

Small business owners may be hesitant to hire foreign workers because they may need to familiarize themselves with the employment-based immigration system. However, this issue can be resolved by working closely with Ray Law International to guide small business owners through the complexities of immigration.

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If you are considering hiring foreign nationals, you must understand the different types of employment-based visas that the employees need to work in the United States. At Ray Law International, we help H.R. and senior managers, navigate the chaotic immigration system to bring key employees to the U.S. Contact Ray Law International to schedule an initial consultation and learn more about how we can help you meet your hiring needs and obtain employment-based visas.