The O-1 Visa Process: Requirements and Tips for Individuals with Extraordinary Abilities

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O-1 visas are available for applicants with extraordinary abilities or achievements. In order to obtain an O-1 visa, an applicant needs to be at the top of their field. O-1 visas are available to individuals with extraordinary abilities in the arts, sciences, business, film, athletics, TV, and education. These visas are reserved for those who are experts and well-respected in their field. These individuals have made significant contributions in their discipline. Recipients of an O-1 visa can bring their loved ones through the O-3 visa category. They can also bring the assistants and staff they need to participate in an event occurring in the United States through the O-2 visa category.

Obtaining an O-1 Visa

The specific requirements for an O-1 visa vary depending on the applicant's particular circumstances. For example, the requirements will be slightly different depending on the category of visa for which you are applying. There are three primary O-1 visa categories: O-1A, O-1B, and O-1B Motion Picture Television (MPTV)

O-1A Visas for Extraordinary Ability in business, science, athletics, or education

Applicants pursuing a visa for business, science, athletics, or education should apply for an O-1 visa. The application needs to prove that they have extraordinary ability in their respective field and have sustained national or international acclaim. The applicant needs to show that they have risen to the upper echelon of their respective field. Oftentimes, this means the individual has multiple peer-reviewed published works, prestigious awards, or accreditations.

O-1B Visas for Extraordinary Ability in the Arts

Applicants pursuing a visa for extraordinary ability in the arts need to prove that they have attained a high level of achievement and are distinguished in their respective fields. They will also need to prove that they have received recognition above and beyond what is normally seen in the arts. In other words, they will need to show that they are widely acclaimed among other artists in the art world.

O1-B (MPTV) Visa for Extraordinary Ability in the Film/TV Industry

Those applying under this category need to show that they have a record of extraordinary achievement. They need to show that they have a skill and recognition exceeding what is usually encountered in the film and TV industry and are widely professionally recognized in their field for their contributions.

Determining the Right Visa Category for You

If you are unsure what category your application may fall under, you would benefit from working with an immigration attorney at Ray Law International. Generally speaking, however, if you are an artist and your work falls outside of the film and TV industry, you should probably apply for an O-1B (arts) visa. If you plan on working on a television series or motion picture in the U.S., you should probably apply for the O-1B (MPTV) visa.

Discuss Your Case with a Skilled Immigration Attorney

If you would like to come to the United States and have a remarkable skillset, applying for an O-1 visa could be your best option. The attorneys at Ray Law International are here to help you understand which category applies to your situation. We will handle every aspect of your application, using our extensive experience helping HR, senior managers, and individuals navigate the complex and chaotic immigration process. Call now at 888-401-1016 or contact Ray Law International to schedule a complimentary case evaluation.